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"The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes."

The TLF 21-Day Course is due to launch Sept 2023!!

— About Me

I help people discover their true potential

The Missing Link

I believe we all have the power to heal our bodies, but before the healing takes place, we must find a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving. The missing link is more about the mental and emotional transformation than the physical. Our mindset can be changed, and I will show you how, step-by-step.

The Credentials

As a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, I decided to create a new way of fitness, that connects the Mind, Body, and Soul. The focus is mainly on mental and emotional transformation.

The Program

In this 21-day course, 90% is dedicated to mental and emotional training where you learn about who you are, your self-worth, how to appreciate your body and reduce stress. The other 10% is dedicated to physical, where you build plans  that will sustain you long after you complete the program.

The Commitment

If you are here, reading this, I believe you are ready to make this commitment, and I look forward to our journey together. Once completed, you can continue at home or join me in the gym with one-on-one sessions where we can customize your workouts, meals, and meditations.

As a final note, I know this approach may not suit everyone, but I have made it available for all!

Coach Jeremiah Willis

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1:1 Coaching

My personal coaching, inlcudes workout, nutritional, and meditation guidelines to keep you motivated and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Single Training

Together, we build a customized program that fits into your daily routine. I focus on workouts and nutrition that fits your needs.

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Group Training

Group training is a fun way to stay motivated while increasing your daily activities. Customized group packages are available on request.

Group Sessions

Contact your collegues, family or friends and let's learn about about fitness and nutrition together. This helps to keep everyone motivated and sustain new lifestyle habits.

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Executive Coaching

Increasing motivation increases work performance. I provide the workouts, nutrition and online lessons for your employees.

Corporate Training

You choose your staff trainers. I provide the necessary tools, so they can deliver classroom or computer-based, on-demand learning.

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— Improve Self-Awareness

TLF Online Course

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Client Satisfaction

Hear what my clients are saying about TLF.

"My journey with Jeremiah can only be described as 'Divine'! I wanted to create a new environment so I joined a gym where I started one-on-one training with Coach Willis. His knowledge and patience gave me the motivation I needed to customize my plans. By Divine, I mean that he and I seemed to be on the same path, building a business that would help others, so we teamed up together to form Tri-Level Fitness, LLC."
Genevieve Munden
Business Consultant
"It’s amazing how much easier it has been to create workouts, and meal plans, now that I have the easy step-by-step guides. I learned so much valuable information on transforming my thoughts, attitudes and beliefts that I can now fuction in a more positive and confident manner every day. This course has made me realize my own unlimit potentials, which has helped me form my new business where I use my skills to help others."
Jill Anderson
Yoga Instructor
"Wow! This course is amazing! I learned so much about myself. The whole course is so organized that all you have to do is just follow the instructions and learn. At first, I thought, "this is too easy", but soon realized that the concepts force you to look deep within, which is where the magic happended, for me. Starting off with short meditations was exactly what I needed. In the end, I found my day was not complete without them."
Jessica Manning
"I gained so much confidence in my own abilities. It’s amazing how much easier it has been to structure my daily routeins and habits. My stress levels have reduced tremendously, which has allowed me to focus on my job and connections with others. I found something that I can do and be proud of all my accomplishments. Now that I have a better, healthier outlook, I am ready to customize my fitness plan plan. I highly recommend TLF."
Stan Cruz
IT Specialist

— What Is TLF?

Holistic 'NuA' Fitness for MIND, BODY,

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~Abraham Lincoln

All health programs work. People make a purchase based on their ‘expected outcome’ and when that outcome is not reached, the (faulty) conclusion is that the program failed, when in actuality they failed to work the program, as designed. So, what really happens? I believe most program designs are fundamentally flawed, in that they are missing the critial aspects of mindset.

Proper mindset involves the emotional and mental aspects of training. People ultimately fail because they simply don’t like the design of the program. It might work for a week, or two, when motivation is at it’s highest, but efforts disolve when it is felt that the program is not a good lifestyle fit. These dislikes lead to excuses that replace the initial motivation and drive, as old habits creep back in.

The TLF 21-Day Journey is a unique online educational course that addresses mindset and stress reduction along with fitness and nutrition. It teaches you how to dive deep within yourself to become more aware of any faulty attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that may be sabotaging your efforts. The focus is on connecting your MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

It teaches you how to create a “New Self” to reach your highest potentials (in life). New ways of thinking, acting, and behaving must be in the right place to begin a new lifestyle that is sustainable. This is the key!

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Make a decision
Are you ready to learn exciting new ways to improve your mind, body & soul so you can reach higher potentials? The one thing, for sure, is you cannot unlearn, what you will learn in this unique course. The lessons can be applied to all aspects of your daily life. Create YOUR future!
Register & Prep
Register and begin the Prep Week, where you purchase all required materials for the 21-Day course. This offers time for mental prep as well. Note that this course is also available for Personal Trainers who want to become TLF Affiliates where they get their own website.
Start Your Training
Week 1 is learning, week 2 is doing and week 3 is balance. You will receive a certificate when you successfully complete the program, and you will be able to customize your own plan or join Coach Willis in one-on-one training.

Self Development Course

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
- Thomas Jefferson

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