“Compounding is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” — Albert Einstein

The quest to become a better version of yourself often feels like a roller coaster ride. It’s hard. And it’s usually so uneven. You can end in failure. But life is a journey, not a marathon, so you always have another opportunity to restart and improve. Another book to read, try on, to see if it fits.

Many people practically look out for secrets, tricks, and hacks that will make EVERYTHING better right now. But unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. There are no “overnight successes”. Think of all the incredible people you truly admire. They didn’t succeed becasue of one giant move, but rather a series of small and consistent actions over time. Eventually, what most find, is they have actually subconsciously collected ideas from all the books read, to form their own part of the picture, piece of the puzzle. They continue along a path that seems quite deliberate, at times. Stop here and think about the path that led you right here, right now. The good news is, you have a lot of pieces and we will show you how it all fits together so you can actually begin to do something with it. Reaching for the next book will always be a part of your journey. It sparks ideas and creativity in our own selves.

Radical personal change will hit you when you least expect it!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day” — Unknown Author

They say a magic bullet cannot save you! But, here, at TLF, we have a ‘HOW TO’ formula and we are going to share it with you, step-by-step. Yes, it is packed with new ideas but the difference is that these ideas specifically show you ‘HOW TO’ and can actually get you MOVING, ACTING, and PRACTICING. The best thing is that the knowledge you will obtain will become the very motivation you need to design, customize, plan and implement something that finally works for YOU.

You’ve get to embrace the process and enjoy it. At times, it IS hard work, but here at TLF, we try to make it packed full of interesting facts, make it fast, interactive and fun! This knowledge could provide the ‘life hacks’ that you stick with or these techniques could allow you to put your pieces of your puzzle together and break through a barrier you may have felt was keeping you from your self-improvement, health and wellness goals.

Let’s face it, we are all busy and enjoy taking care of and being with our families. Family is top priority so again, TLF has crunched this course into 21 days and delivers it as a step-by-step set of instructions so you learn as much as possible so when you complete the program, you are armed with everything you need to sore. We want you to look at it as a game of life. We want you to learn something so fantastical, that you have to tell the world AND you can’t wait to do the next days task list and try out the new super fast exercies that provide you with INSTANT results so you can be BETTER EVERY DAY! These techniques work for you but YOU MUST WORK THE TECHNIQUES to get the outcome you want. It’s fun for most but if you feel it is not fun, then stop and return later, maybe.

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