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— Check List

Gathering Required Materials.

I would like everyone to know that I went through every step of this course myself, including taking the personality test. It was ‘spot on’ and also revealed other aspects I was either not aware of or never thought about. This test is about realizing just how powerful you really are and the many talents you have to offer others. 

You must get in touch with yourself in preparation for this course because it is all about SELF-AWARENESS. You must also be willing to come to terms with the negative aspects, let them go, so you can move away and onward with your SELF-IMPROVEMENT journey.

You cannot come out of this course without having a tramendous amount of new-found knowledge, that you can use to customize your plans (forever!). You cannot unlearn what you are about to learn either but you WILL have a choice at the end, to move up and forward or fall back into habits that no longer serve you or your health.

Coach Willis

To Success

— A key to success


It all starts with a single first step.

The first thing to do after registering is to complete your profile information. You can set it to private, for friends only or public. In your profile you will find the necessary folders and documents used throughout the course.

You're Doing Great!

The next step is to watch the welcome video that will provide you with your task list for this week .

When complete ...

Purchase Required Materials
Two required books, a tracking log book, and notebook for journaling are needed to complete the course. You will be tracking everything, but in a unique way, for specific purposes.
Create Assessments
You will need a measuring tape to create a baseline of where you are. You will track everything to think, do, feel, say, and eat during week 1. This too, provides critical data to keep you aware and motivated thorughout the course.
Watch GAIA Episodes
There are 13 episodes required to be completed in week 1. Each are approximately 25 minutes and are free when you sign up for a 7-day trial.

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