Week 3

Level 3: Balance
Discover the easy steps to reduce stress

— Healing, Growth & Relaxation

Finding The 'How' ... in Meditation.

Many people complain that they cannot relax their minds enough to get started in the mediation practice, and therefore give up. With the use of guided meditations, it will become an easy, valuable, and rewarding practice that you will take with you, to use, for the rest of your life, if you so choose.

Most people come out of their meditations with profound experiences that are unique and specific to them. It’s a story that many like to share. Meditation teaches us much more than relaxation.

It takes us into the quantum field where the unknown exists. If this sounds exciting to you then this course is for you. It is one of the best lessons I, personally, have experienced and continue to use daily. I hope you will feel the same after your opportunity to truly embrace this magnificent world of light, energy, frequency, and vibration… and enlightenment!

Coach Willis

To Happiness

— Guided Meditations

Experienceing the Quantum Field!

It all starts with a single first step.

In Prep Week, you started meditations with 5 min and have worked up to 1 hour of daily relaxation. I am sure you have experiences to share with us all! Releasing the OLD SELF and steping into your NEW SELF/LIFE can be a challenge for some and a ‘breath of fresh air’ for others. Share your stories in the TLF Insiders Club on Facebook. Get in touch with Coach Willis and share your journey to create an even more customized plan, moving forward.


The next step is to use your knowledge and experiences to customize your plans or contact Coach Willis for a comprehensive, one-on-one personal training session.>

When complete ...

Reduce Stress
Many people live in a constant state of stress and after days, weeks, and years of being in this chronic state, it developes into DIS-EASE. The good news is what the body creates, the body can heal, through mediation. Learn How!
Awaken New Potentials
Learn to relax, heal and reach into the quantum world where you will find your true potentials. With proper meditation techniques, it is very possible to reach your passion (to help others).
By the end of this course, you might think you will be feeling rather exhausted, but, on the contrary, you will be enlightened, motivated, and driven to reach for more.

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