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Make A Promise to Yourself


The course begins with YOU. Sign the commitment to yourself, to complete this 21-Day journey. Your signature represents dedication to your MIND, BODY and SOUL improvments. You are saying "I CAN & WILL DO THIS!

Join the 21-Day Course


Register for the 21-day online course.The cost is $75 with a one-time setup fee of $25. We will create the folders for you, with all the required materials needed throughout the course. This will allow you to quickly access files so you can focus on learning rather than trying to find things. Due to the nature of the course, refunds are not allowed.
Prep Week

Gather Required Materials

Go to the Prep Week and watch the introduction video for next steps. Refer to the requirement checklist to purchase the materials you will need for the course. The program is packed with valuable learning lessons, and exercises to make it interactive and fun. It is very precise, with easy-to-follow instructions, making it very fast to complete tasks.

Join TLF Insiders Club on Facebook and start watching the GAIA videos while waiting for books to come in. Remember, if you don't feel like working on a task on a particular day, don't fret over it. We want you to enjoy your learning experience! It's flexible, to fit your schedule.
Prep Week

Begin The Journey

Week 1: Level 1 | Learning will focus on "Learning the HOWs", determining your assessments and creating your plans for the following week. You must complete each day's task list before moving to the next day.

Do not skip tasks in order to stay on your daily track. Take as much time as needed, before moving to the next day.

For some, who are busy, it may take several days to complete one day. You have 28 days to complete the tasks. If it goes over, you can continue with your membership until you complete the course. As long as you are a member, you have access to the course & resources.



I work with all ages, from kids to seniors to professional body builders. Whatever your personal goal is, I can help!

1:1 Coaching

My greatest pleasure is to be able to work face-to-face with clients. I encourage you to contact me. My consultations and assessments are free.

Affiliate Programs

If you are a personal trainer wanting to take your business to the next level, Tri-Level Fitness has an excellent program with a free website.

Self Development

Tri-Level Fitness is about improving your conscious awareness. I teach you how to reset your mind, connect to your body and reduce stress.

Corporate Programs

We have a very unique program for organizations that want to provide mind, body, soul practices for employees. Reducing stress is a key factor in increasing performance.

I can help you with...

Defining Your Goals & Reaching Your Highest Potentials
Nutritional Goals

I take assessments of your current condition and we discuss your challenges. I will ask you a series of questions where we can determine a nutritional plan that fits your needs and will be easy to follow.

Workout Plans

This is an area that can be confusing for many. I help you plan a workout schedule that you actually ejoy and look forward to. We also discuss other activities that can be added to your daily routine.

Meditation Techniques

This is a critical area that goes unnoticed, yet holds the key to ‘whole body health and wellness’. Practicing daily meditation is a skill that you will learn with my easy-to-follow techniques. Come experience the incredible healing power for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about the 21-Day Training Program

The course is $75 plus a one-time $25 setup fee. This covers the 7-day prep week where you gather required materials and the 21 days to complete the program. If you need more time to finish, a membership fee of $25/week is required. As long as you are an active member, you have access to the online course and resources.

To teach you how to become more consciously aware of your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors so you can escape negativity and move into a new enviornment to connect with your higher potentials. The overall goal is to provide you with precise,  “HOW TO”, step-by-step instructions that show you how to engage your MIND, connect your BODY and feed your SOUL using guided assessment, plannig and meditation techniques. 

Yes. The Tri-Level Fitness course is a unique, holistic wellness program that addresses behavior, motivation and stress. When you understand the dynamics of the Mind, Body, and Soul, connections you have more control over your happiness and wellbeing and are in a the best postition to reach your higher potentials. You already know you need to eat and workout, right? TLF provides quick and easy methods of designing plans that work just for you. The course is 90% mental and emotional training (mind/soul) and 10% physical training (body). 

Yes. The structure of the course is computer-based training as this best suits the majority who have busy schedules and need to access the lessons when it is most convenient for them. The corporate program includes Train-The-Trainer sessions where a company chooses a specific group of people who will be conducting the courses in as instrutor-led-Training (ILT). The online lessons support the ILT. The cost of corporate training is based on the number of employees that need to be trained.

Yes! Personal Trainers who would like to become an affiliate must complete the TLF program and submit their certificate. The affiliate program offers a free website that you can use with your clients. The only requirement is that you provide your clients with the TLF methods of training. You get a training dashboard where you can assign fitness activities.

Yes. I can customize a program for any age. It would be a one-on-one at Indianapolis Healthplex Gym located at 3660 Guion Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

I can help...


Attitudes, Beliefs, & Behaviors

Want to change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about obtaining a healthy lifestyle? Together, we find what works for you.

Adaptable Routines

Designing routines that you like, is another key to building a successful workout and meal plan. It MUST give you results.

Stress Reduction

I have started using these new meditation techniques because I could never calm my mind. Let me show you how … it works!

Having Trouble With ...

I Will Show You How To Stick With It!


Maintaining motivation is another key! If your mindset is not built on a strong foundation, then it will be too easy for you to wavier off track. I teach you how to reduce obsticles that will increase your motivation.


I have a plan that eases you into healthy habits with little effort. We discuss discipline and how to embrace it rather than fight it. The more knowlege you have, the more in control you will be, which fuels motivation.


People buy fitness and nutritional programs for their expected outcome. When they fail, the program is to blame. The real cause is the program was not enjoyable for them, long term. I help define better expectations. 

Let 's Build Your Plan...



Coming from a military background, I can help you improve your discipline by giving you powerful thought processes.


I am a certified nutritional coach and can help you design healthy workout and meal plans that work for YOU, and are sustainable.


Having trouble reaching a state of calmness? I can give you powerful resources that will guide you through your meditations. 

— Holistic 'NuA' Fitness

The Course Structure

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.” ~Thomas Jefferson

You will be able to access the course as soon as you register and confirm your account. Fill out your profile information and start the Prep Week, where you will watch the introduction video that will guide you to your next steps.

Purchase all required materials and get started with the required GAIA episodes, which can be watched during a 7-day free trial period. Don’t forget to join the TLF Insiders Club on Facebook, to stay connected with our like-minded group!

Precision in every lesson

Precision is the key to learning. The lessons are highly organized and easy to understand. You will look forward to your daily learning exercises. The workouts and meal planning has been super simplified. You will LOVE them!

Confirm Your Email After Registration.

Week 1: Level 1 | Learning
Each Day starts with a quick welcome video and affirmation. The day is broken into 3 quick lessons, for MIND, BODY & SOUL and includes exercises for each. Print out the Pocket Badges for the week, one for each day. These are reminders of what you need to stay consciously aware of each week. Create an assessment of your current condition, to use as a baseline, then Plan Your Work for week 2.
Week 2: Level 2 | Doing
Week 2 is all about Working Your Plans you created in Week 1. This is "RAMP UP" week. You continue working on your daily awareness, while working out, either at home or in a gym.

Contact Coach Willis if you are interested in personal one-on-one guided training. The goal is to make your workouts easy to start, can be scaled up for intensity, and sustainable, so you will be motivated to return again and again, until it is part of your lifestyle.
Week 3: Level 3 | Balance
In Week 3, you will "RAMP UP" to the next and final level, Balance. This is the week you put everything together. With more practice, you are able to fit workouts to your needs and schedule so you look forward to them. You take everything you have learned about staying consciously aware, moving into new enviornments to reach new potentials while maintaining a weekly workout schedule, along with developing fast, easy and healthy eating habits.
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